Osteria: Chef’s Table-The Heart of Kensington

Osteria: Chef’s Table is Calgary’s latest enchanted Italian restaurant in the trendy Kensington district. Since its inception in 1990, then known as Osteria de Medici, the restaurant has been a corner stone of Kensington. It is no secret that restaurant has been visited by famous guests, which have immortalized the restaurant’s splendor. Unlike other restaurants in Calgary, the name and food are both infinitely unforgettable.

Since its new ownership, Osteria: Chef’s Table continues to encapsulate the traditional Italian style and cuisine. Osteria: Chef’s Table has gained a more familial vibe with its imitate setting and quaint atmosphere. An evening here takes the customer on a journey to the world of Italy! The sophisticated dining experience is achieved through the master chefs and owners, Giovanni and Michele. On a daily basis you can come and enjoy an exclusive six course meal as the Chefs showcase their art and culinary talent. Simply walk in, meet with your sever and be surprised with a one of a kind evening supper. Every customer will receive a unique meal to keep with this special dining style.

The Chef’s Table feature is available each day. Keep in mind that the Chef’s Table is not a “dine and dash” affair. It is meant to be an unforgettable experience in which you spend 2-3 hours with your family, friends or significant other. Put aside your worries, distractions and embrace Osteria: Chef’s Table.

-Sonia Maria Razniewski