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Osteria: Chef’s Table offers the finest, traditional Italian cuisine in Calgary. The restaurant has always catered to its customer’s needs, pun intended. Recently, they have added more delicious food to their fantastic menu. An added bonus is they have also made their prices more wallet friendly, so you can experience fine food but not break the bank. They are also in the process of modernizing the décor. Osteria: Chef’s Table is evolving to suit all Calgarians who love great Italian cuisine.

Eating an Italian Four Course meal is meant to be an unforgettable experience. Chef’s Table offers a variety of Italian specialty foods to satisfy any customer that walks through its doors…


Antipasti Freddi: “Antipasti” means before the meal and “Freddi” means cold. In this category, you will typically choose an Italian style salad. However, you will find other cold items in this category as well such as Beef Tartar. Chef Michele highly recommends the Beef Tartar: AAA Alberta Beef, Arugula, Capers, Italian herbs, and freshly baked Ciabatta bread.

Antipasti Caldi: The opposite of “freddi” is “caldi” or hot. Here you will find a range of hot appetizers, which you might share with your dinner companion because you will want to save space for the next course(s).Chef Michele recommends the Cozze Livornese: Steamed Mussels in Italian White Wine and Herb Sauce.

Primi Piatti: Ahhh, I am excited to tell about this course!  Primi Piatti denotes the First Course in Italian. This course is made up of all pasta and rice dishes. Yummy! You will find creamy and tomato confections to keep you fulfilled.Chef Michele recommends Gnocchi Gorgonzola e Noci: Homemade Gnocchi with Italian Blue Cheese and Walnuts.

Secondi Piatti: Last but certainly not least the Second Course! All of Osteria: Chef’s Table meat and fish dishes are listed here. Chef Michele recommends the Ribeye: 10oz Broiled Prime Ribeye with Butter and Truffle Oil Sauce with Seasonal Vegetables.

Dessert: There is no official dessert menu. The Chef’s will take care of your dessert cravings by offering you a delicious dessert. Typically the dessert offered is a tiramisù, panna cotta, or gelato. Chef Michele recommends: All of them!

I hope that this blog has inspired you come taste the best of Italy in Osteria: Chef’s Table. You will not regret it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sonia Razniewski

Blogger for Osteria: Chef’s Table

Feb. 14th 2017

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